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Hi Jolly Cemetery

The Hi Jolly Cemetery is maintained and operated by the Quartzsite town for the reasons of offering a park, historic site, and a cemetery. The Hi Jolly monument is in the cemetery area where the families of pioneers were laid to rest. There is a new cemetery section, and it is the same for those who have their interment at Quartzsite. The cemetery is at the town’s west end, and it has a great desert vista in each direction too. There are a number of foothills and mountain ranges that can be seen out from each viewpoint. The town is dedicated to preserving the historic site and beautifying the cemetery.

Hi Jolly Monument History

His name wasn’t originally Hi Jolly. The famous camel driver was called Philip Tedro, and he was a Greek who was born in Syria. He made the conversion to Islam, and he did a Mecca pilgrimage, and his first name is Hadji Ali, based on that. Hi Jolly was the version of that that was American. It was a superior name for someone who drove camels, and that was his occupation when he initially came to the country as a member of a U.S. Cavalry experiment in the 1850’s. He is the camel driver with the most personality, and he stayed in the southwest desert, and he turned into a prospector, courier, and scout for what was initially the Jackass Mail. He was classified as a packer too, hauling freight in the place too He died in December 1902, and it was in Quartzsite, Arizona. The town used to be called Tyson’s Well in his day, but the history does not end there. The Arizona Department of Transportation put up a headstone monument. His grave was the start of the pioneer cemetery. It’s a favorite monument to Arizona visitors.

Cemetery Policies

  • It’s just for human remains interment or the memorial of that activity.
  • No conveyance or transfer of any rights or interest should be allowed without the written permission of the Quartzsite town.
  • No memorial or memorial tablet made of materials outside of stone or bronze should be put to use without the written permission of the town.
  • All closings, openings, disinterment, interment, plantings, and grading should be carried out by the town.
  • The town, at the grantee expense should remove or repair any memorial or monuments which are offensive or improper, or which have become dilapidated or dangerous, and can remove any plant, flower, or tree or other embellishment or object that has become bad.
  • There will be a provision that’s made for indigent burials, which is customary, and all free.
  • The town won’t be liable for any damage or loss caused by unavoidable accidents, malicious mischief, vandals, or thieves.
  • The purchasing agent of a plot of land in the cemetery will agree that the town can do any activity inside or outside of the boundaries of the purchase, which is convenient or incidental to either the memorializing or care of the remains of the humans.
  • All the above regulations, rules, and restrictions here are binding on the assigns, administrators, heirs, and purchaser.
  • Nothing in this document shall constrict the town in its use of any other aspect of the cemetery than what is conveyed to the buyer.

Cemetery fees

  • $250 grave site
  • $250 closing and opening
  • $75 opening and closing cremation cost
  • Special assessment – holiday & weekend closing and opening