Town of Quartzsite, Arizona

Quartzsite, AZ., was incorporated in the year 1989 ( it was officially established in 1867) and is located in La Paz County, just west of Phoenix (125 miles) at U.S. 95 and Interstate 10 junction. The town landscape is that of the Mohave Desert and is next to the beautiful Colorado River.

Quartzsite history has demonstrated that this place has been a meeting area for individuals for several centuries – beginning with the Native American tribes who first met in this area to trade services and goods with one another; the gold rush when miners and prospectors were settling in the Old West and using this spot as a place to work and live; and now, too, when visitors in the millions come to this place in the Sonoran Desert to have their winters in weather that is a lot warmer than they left it up north.

The town is currently a gathering place for “snowbirds”, visitors, winter residents, and vendors. The “snowbirds” are people who come up here and escape from the cold. They come out for the big swapmeets there, and the place is famous for them, and they like to enjoy a ton of special events and local activities that the town has to offer throughout the months of the winter too. The shopping is awesome at the swapmeets and shows, but oftentimes the ideal part of being in the Quartzsite is just taking in the amazing scenery that engulfs the city, soaking in the sun, and just maxing and relaxing out there too.

The little township we have has expanded a lot over the years, with all sorts of new schools, medical facilities, and businesses too. Visitors shouldn’t forget the Quartzsite’s historical offerings too, like the pioneer cemetery and museum – that show the larger than life portraits of some of the famous townspeople throughout the history. Just looking down some of the old streets and venturing in building sites, you can get a great look into how the pioneers of earlier times lived. You can see that Quartzsite was populated by a really rough bunch. If you want to look into just old reading, fact-finding, and research, then you should head on down to the library. There are other activities and sites that they’re known for, like the Celia’s Rainbow Gardens, skateboard area, town park, and RC flying field. There is also the desert that surrounds the town, and it is full of trails and beauty to enjoy. There is also an annual shop until you drop event. Be sure to help out the local businesses. The town is full of wonderful people, and it would be a good idea for you to enjoy your stay as much as possible by actually having fun out here. They want you to come back year after year. Quartzsite, Arizona is an amazing place to visit.

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